When you get Bad Results from Scalp Micropigmentation

scalp micropigmentation portugal

We all know that SMP can be a life-changing aesthetics procedure with pretty much 100% guaranteed results. However, what happens when you get bad results from scalp micropigmentation – as believe us, this can happen?

To begin with, let’s just go over why botched scalp micropigmentation treatments come about. And to be honest, it all pretty much stems from one thing. Bad scalp micropigmentation clinics administering bad scalp micropigmentation results.

Scalp Micropigmentation Gone Wrong – how does it happen?

Regulations for SMP treatments are, unfortunately, not the hottest on the block. For this reason, every now and then you’re going to discover that an SMP clinic looking to cut corners will pop up. To strip this right back to bare bones, they are clinics using technicians that have received inferior training, they use poor grade products and machines and come with little or no guarantees. In addition, there is no retribution for bad scalp micropigmentation treatments. It’s not like you’re booking yourself into a transplant clinic where a surgeon can be struck off for substandard work or practices. All that will happen to a poor quality SMP technician or clinic is that their reputation will eventually leave them with no clients.

But to move on, it’s all well and good us banging on about bad SMP results from appalling technicians at low-quality SMP clinics. But what’s actually happens if you fall over to the dark side of scalp micropigmentation?

This is what… (and it only covers the very basics) :

  • Inferior quality pigments may be used as a cost-cutting exercise by clinics or technicians. The pigment grade is important and many poor-quality SMP clinics use inferior ones which are difficult to work with resulting in errors.

  • The depth of the pigment implant is incorrect owing to lack of knowledge. A well trained SMP technician should understand a skin’s physiology. If the implant during treatment is too deep and goes beyond the dermis layer it is now a tattoo over scalp micropigmentation. The results are, over time, ink migration resulting in a spreading of the fine dots that have been implanted. To add insult to injury, they also will probably take on a blueish tinge.

  • Hygiene issues resulting in the possibility of infection. A proper training process for Scalp Micropigmentation treatments is particularly stringent. It includes modules on needle management, skin pre and post-treatment routines and general clinic cleanliness. Lack of attention to this can have devastating results.

Anyone who is searching for a durable, neat and beautifully finished SMP treatment should really pay particular care when checking out their chosen clinics. The procedure is pretty much a permanent one and something that is extremely visible. When you receive a bad finish from scalp micropigmentation it can have a catastrophic impact on your life. And it’s one you’ll have to live with for a long time.

We understand you’ll maybe look to cut the costs, but think outside of the box a little if you can. A great quality SMP treatment is a life-changing procedure – and that’s going to cost a few bucks. When you get bad results from scalp micropigmentation it’s also a life-changing procedure but will change it in the wrong direction.