Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Does scalp micropigmentation work? The million-dollar question! There are many hair restoration solutions available, but only one that is guaranteed to provide a result.

Anyone who has fallen into the dark side of hair loss will tell you, it’s a heart-breaking disorder which can have a devastating psychological impact on life. Thinning of hair can truly result in lost self-esteem and on occasion, cause other emotional issues such as anxiety and even depression. It has many possible causes, such as genetics, thyroid issues, medication for other health-related conditions. And often the physical effects of hair loss are irreversible. However, the emotional attachments which work alongside hair loss can certainly be repaired.

Almost every society, the world-over deems hair to be a sign of vitality and beauty. To lose this symbol of beauty and health makes individuals feel as if they’ve lost their physical attractiveness. Which is why scalp micropigmention is nothing short of revolutionary.

There is a pure myriad of lotions and potions, procedures and surgical methods to treat hair loss. From topical treatments to prescribed medications such as Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Dutasteride. There are hair transplants where healthy follicles are grafted onto the needy zones. But as we all know, these are treatments that are notorious for not offering guaranteed solutions. And in addition, they are ridiculously expensive, particularly if you subscribe to this school of methodology for long periods of time.


Scalp Micropigmentation Really Does Work – and this is how.


Scalp micropigmentation differs from the above hair restoration solutions as it doesn’t offer a promise of new hair growth. Instead, it masks the devastation hair loss causes. It works by a technician implanting tiny dots of natural pigment underneath the skin’s barrier using a machine equipped with an incredibly fine needle. Once healed, the pigments become trapped underneath the skin to provide a series of dots which represent the illusion of clusters of hair follicles. The results are a flawless finish that resembles that of a freshly barbered buzz-cut in the case of complete hair loss, or as underlying shading with diffuse thinning.

An additional beauty of this cutting-edge and contemporary procedure is not only the guarantee of success. It’s also incredibly affordable. Costs are a fraction of its close counterpart, the hair transplant. And in cases where medication to promote hair loss has been prescribed, they will continue to work, after this holistic treatment has been administered.

Any given scalp micropigmentation treatment session will take approximately three to four hours and as a general rule of thumb, the average patient will require between two to four sessions of SMP. It’s fully advisable that you leave weekly intervals between treatment sessions and adhere to the recommended aftercare procedures. However, once completed, you’ll be maintenance free for anything up to five years before requiring top-ups.

So now you know the answer to the question, does scalp micropigmentation work? You are fully equipped to make an informed decision. If you are interested in finding a best-fit solution for your hair loss then why not reach out to us here at Scalp Micro, here in Lisbon. We offer a comprehensive scalp micropigmentation service and our clinic is both discreet and relaxing. Alternatively, you can catch up with us on Facebook or Instagram where you’ll always be greeted with warmth and appreciation.