Cheap Scalp Micropigmentation Deals – are they worth it?

We all love a bargain. But sometimes it just makes sense to buy into quality instead of saving a buck or two. So the question on everyone’s lips, cheap scalp micropigmentation deals – are they worth it?

Being frugal isn’t necessarily about saving heaps of your bucks for other things. Sometimes it’s just about being wise – spending money in the right direction and in the right way. And when it comes to important purchases, life-changing ones… should you insist on an eternal search to cut corners? Surely you should just save the frugality for stuff you don’t care about?

SMP is one of those decisions. One that changes your life – considerably. But it’s also one of those decisions that can go horribly wrong if you treat it as a corner-cutting exercise. Because if you opt for cheap and end up falling onto the dark side of the scalp micropigmentation trade, you’ll be paying dearly with your lifestyle quality thereafter. And then there’s the matter of expensive and painful procedures to rectify matters.

So how do you know if a cheap scalp micropigmentation deal is worth it? Or should you just avoid them?

What to avoid when you are drawn to a cheap SMP deal

  • A cheap SMP deal really isn’t worth it if you find a clinic offering an all-for-one and one-for-all blanket price. No technician or clinic can successfully predict costs until they’ve seen the patient or at least a photograph of the hair loss extent. You can gain a rough price pre-consultation, but certainly not a detailed one.
  • When you are searching for a clinic or technician always ask to see qualification levels. Given that the scalp micropigmentation is slightly lacking in regulations it allows for poorly trained practitioners to trade. Proper training in this innovative and contemporary art costs considerable amounts of money, time and energy. If you wish to receive a blue-chip result, then it’s not always sure you’ll receive this through cheap SMP deals. You are also fully within your rights to ask if your technician receives ongoing mentoring to establish new techniques and innovations. The upshot? Avoid cheap deals if the reason is an under-qualified practitioner.
  • Be under no illusions. A tattoo artist is great at his or her trade. But they are not SMP practitioners. Albeit techniques are similar, they are not qualified in scalp micropigmentation as an actual art form. Pigment depths are different as are pigment types. Skin physiology and color therapy are also not the same. Only a specifically trained SMP practitioner should you administering your treatment and not a tattoo artist at a knock-down price.

When cheap SMP deals are potentially good deals

  • On occasions, a newly qualified and highly skilled SMP technician will need to build up their portfolio. A gallery of before and after photos will always encourage new clients. To do this you’ll occasionally find that a recently trained practitioner will offer cheap scalp micropigmentation deals which are worth it.
  • And finally… if you can’t find the immediate funds for your SMP then why not avoid the cheap scalp micropigmentation deals trap and just opt for financing. Many clinics offer this facility, deeming it an easier option on your wallet. That way it will certainly feel like you’re receiving a bargain without cutting the corners.