Average Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation

An average cost of scalp micropigmentation is such a difficult call to make. There are a million and one factors which need to be taken into consideration but there’s a clear and overall goal of producing guaranteed results.

So now we’ve established, typical amounts will vary, let’s cover the average cost of SMP. And this runs at around the $2,500 to $4,000 mark. If you transfer that into euros it will work the same as in dollars, in UK sterling, you’re looking at between £2,000 to £3,000. However, we can’t stress enough, this is only a benchmark and it is going to sway every which way owing to the extenuating factors involved.

So what are the factors involved, how will they affect the average cost of scalp micropigmentation treatments?

Cumulative treatment zone

One of the main reasons scalp micropigmentation will hike up in price has to be the size of the treatment area a technician will need to work on. And this is all down to the extent of the loss you actually have.

A cumulative treatment zone size for men is established using The Norwood Scale. On the Norwood Scale there are varying stages of hair loss relative to male pattern baldness. The stages range from no hair loss through to complete hair loss apart from the classic horseshoe at the rear of the scalp.

For female hair loss, the benchmark to gauge the extent of hair loss is the Ludwig Scale and pricing is in accordance with the stages of this scale.

Pricing in accordance with other hair loss conditions will be gauged in the same way as pattern baldness, is the size of the treatment zone involved.

Skin Physiology

As a general rule of thumb, most skin types come as an average. We know this may vary to oily, dry, combination. However, they don’t move outside of those rough guidelines. But on saying that, sometimes, they do.

If clients have extremely damaged or overly sensitive skin owing to certain conditions then extra time is involved. For this reason, the cost of SMP treatment is clearly going to increase.

In addition to the non-average skin type, there are also certain clients who have thicker skin. Once again, this will require more time taken over sessions and therefore an increase in the average pricing strategy.

Scarring and Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp scarring requires particular time and consideration. Scars vary in condition on a massive scale and need to be assessed by the technician who will be completing the concealment process. An average cost of scalp micropigmentation for scar camouflaging is difficult to give and we suggest you contact your nearest clinic for information.

Density Scalp Micropigmentation

When pricing density SMP treatments your technician will, as in the first point mentioned in this article, assess in accordance with the cumulative size of treatment required.

In some instances, it’s a simple case of underlying shading which is needed, whereas, in others, the entire scalp may require treatment. In addition to this, there will also be the factor of skin physiology and the number of sessions you will need.

All clinics can give you a ballpark figure, and an average cost of scalp micropigmentation treatments, no problem at all. But it’s pretty clear from the above that there are underlying factors which will change that average considerably. The best way to gauge the cost of your SMP treatment is to contact your nearest clinic and discuss your requirements directly.