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Miguel Ângelo Silva

Founder and CEO of Scalp Micro Portugal, Miguel Ângelo Silva, is one of the world’s leading scalp micropigmentation artists.

As a specialist in Functional Rehabilitation in Chronic Pathologies, and in conventional treatments for morbidly obese patients post-bariatric surgery,  Miguel holds a Master degree in Physical Education and Sports Science in the field of nutrition, health and wellness and offers an extraordinary knowledge in skin physiology.

Despite so many years in the health industry, Miguel’s true calling is helping people suffering the effects of hair loss, thinning hair, density of both genders and FUE/FUT Scar cammouflage, boosting their self confidence with advanced scalp micropigmentation techniques.

Miguel is Scalp Micro Portugal’s leading micropigmentation specialist and one of the best artists in the world. Miguel received his initial training with industry leaders Nouveau Contour in Thailand, and graduated in tricopigmentation under the direct assistance of Tony Belfatto, innovator of the shorter duration tricopigmentation process. Miguel was a direct assistant to Tony Belfatto at the Forum Thailand 2017. He continued his training and graduated in SMP in Thailand with his Mentor Nisanard Do Minh, herself awarded the Asian Artist of the Year at the Scalp Micropigmentation Awards 2019, and graduated with Fernando Cortes recognized as one of the best American SMP artists with multiple awards to his name.

Along with his partner and long term mentor Sasinun Silva, Miguel is company founder to both Scalp Micro Portugal and also Crystalline Meridian, a leading permanent makeup centre in Portugal specialising in both SMP and permanent makeup techniques.

Sasinun Silva

Sasinun Silva is a master of advanced micropigmentation techniques. Co-Founder and CEO of Crystalline Meridian Permanent Makeup Centre and Scalp Micro Portugal, Sasi is also CEO of Nouveau Contour Thailand and Pacific Supreme Enterprise in Thailand.

Sasinun studied Business Management in Thailand, before continuing her micropigmentation training in Germany, Holland, Hungary and Italy and receiving additional high level mentoring in Asia. She graduated in Tricopigmentation under the direct assistance of Tony Belfatto, creator of capillary Tricopigmentation techniques, and was a direct assistant to Tony Belfatto at the Forum Thailand 2017. Now dedicating herself to scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup at her clinic in Lisbon, Sasi has gained an extensive, world-recognised knowledge in both micro and derma pigmentations and continues to share her knowledge by training over 1000 students worldwide.

Sasi is the only practitioner of Chinese metaphysics eyebrow design in Portugal. The concept behind Chinese metaphysics is based on facial countenance and contributes towards its growth in the micropigmentation industry.

Constantly searching for new techniques and ideas, Sasinun maintains the highest level of work by participating in conferences and masterclasses worldwide. Speaker and jurist at the Chinese World Congress of Micropigmentation in 2016, she was a panelist at Portugal’s Microblading Championships and founder of the PMU Thailand Forum where she has attracted the attention of the most prestigious permanent makeup artists in the world.