Scalp micropigmentation for women

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Scalp micropigmentation for women

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Women and Hair Loss

Scalp micropigmentation is also increasing in popularity among our female clients. Here at Scalp Micro Portugal, we fully understand the psychological impact hair loss can have on a woman. When treating women who are experiencing a loss of hair, we work together to ensure the treatment is both appropriate and is one that restores confidence.

The majority of women who come to Scalp Micro Portugal are experiencing diffuse thinning where their parting is widening, or the scalp is starting to show through their thinning hair. We administer tiny deposits of natural pigments with a microneedle within the upper dermis layer of your skin.

Although some women are happy to shave their hair, most are not. In this case we work through your hair and tailor the pigmentation to provide underlying shading across your scalp, reducing the contrast between your hair and your skin and providing the appearance of hair density.

Woman hair Density

The Benefits of SMP for Women

Many women around the world experience hair loss and thinning, and often attempt to combat the problem by buying a multitude of shampoos, lotions and pills. Unfortunately the success rates offered by these products is extremely low, and ongoing purchase of these treatments can be very expensive over time.

Scalp micropigmentation is the only treatment which provides guaranteed results. Scalp micropigmentation is so successful because it conceals the problem instead of trying to ‘cure’ your hair loss.

Being non-invasive, scalp micropigmentation is administered using only natural pigments. These pigments are specifically designed for the procedure and will not interfere with any additional prescriptions you may be taking. At Scalp Micro Portugal we provide you with a personal and confidential service which is both compassionate and understanding. Most importantly of all, we provide outstanding results you can depend on.


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