Is Scalp Micropigmentation Safe?

There are a whole bunch of questions surrounding the innovative treatment, which is also known by the abridged version, SMP. However, one question is asked, time over… Is scalp micropigmentation safe?

It’s a seriously hot topic and there is some great news. Yes, it’s safe. And also holistic. But instead of asking you, the reader, to just take our word for this, we’ve decided to explain things in more detail to assist you in the comprehension of reasons why.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP is a ground-breaking treatment that disguises the devastation hair loss leaves behind. It works by a technician implanting pigment in a series of microdots underneath the skin’s waterproof barrier using a machine equipped with a needle. Once the healing process these pinpricks make has come to fruition the pigment becomes trapped. These markings, thereafter, resemble that of a closely shaved, iconic buzz-cut, fresh from the barber’s chair.

Scalp Micropigmentation Pigments. Are They Safe?

The procedure which is used for scalp micropigmentation is very similar in it’s make-up to that of tattooing. However, it does need to be mentioned, the techniques and certain types of equipment are different. Neither of the two procedures is known to be harmful, however, there is a stark difference between them. What is this difference? The simple answer is pigment ingredients.

Whilst bearing in mind that the tattoo inks have come along in leaps and bounds over the years, there is a small bone of contention which is often debated over inks that are used. Known for their vibrant colors, they are also known to contain harmful ingredients which give the said colors their brilliance. Namely, lead and mercury amongst other controversial additions.

Flipping over the coin, scalp micropigmentation pigments don’t have the necessity for vibrant colors. For this reason, the ingredient list comprises of only natural products, with the additional benefit that they are often found to be plant-based. This deems SMP an extremely safe procedure.

Clinic and Hygiene Safety Procedures

Albeit this should be an obvious subject matter which shouldn’t really require explanations, clinic and technician hygiene procedures are key to ensuring your scalp micropigmentation safety. Each treatment should be administered using a sealed, new needle and the procedure environment should be sterile. Gloves should be worn and all equipment protected.

Any treatment involving the breaking of your skin’s barrier runs infection risks. These are non-negotiable items on the list when it comes to knowing if SMP is a procedure that is safe.

Safety in Your Own Mental Well-Being

And finally, choosing your technician wisely. Nothing will deem your well-being damaged as much as a poorly administered scalp micropigmentation treatment. Ensure you do your research prior to making your clinic choices and also verify that all hygiene and safety standards are as you wish them to be.

Returning to our original question, is scalp micropigmentation safe? Yes, unequivocally so. If you’d like to discuss this article in more detail with one of our trained technicians, you can reach out to us right here or alternatively, come along to our clinic for a friendly chat about treatments.