Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation – What Should I Be Doing?

Opting for Scalp Micropigmentation is a life-changing decision. It will alter the way you look and can have a huge impact on your emotional well-being. However, push this aside for one minute and focus on the practical issues. As anyone taking this road will also wish to make the most of their financial and emotional investment. And to do this, scalp micropigmentation aftercare routines should be high on the list of priorities.

From the point of view of a technician, persuading people to adhere to aftercare procedures is a tough nut to crack. They slide quickly, and far too easily. Yet for anyone wishing to push SMP longevity as far as they possibly can, these SMP aftercare procedures are an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Before and Aftercare Procedure for Scalp Micropigmentation

Recommendations pre SMP treatment

  • If you have recently tanned skin, ensure you leave enough time for the natural shades of your skin to return, pre-treatment. Technicians prefer to work with correct coloring when administering SMP. 
  • If your skin is particularly dry, ensure you treat it in advance. Moisturizing morning and evening a week before treatment is crucial and if you’ve any questions about brands or your skin type speak to your clinic in advance. 
  • Consider sensible hairlines before booking your clinic consultation. If you’ve really no idea, this can be discussed and suggestions can be made. 
  • Avoid alcohol for a good few days pre-treatment and in addition, if you are taking any blood-thinner medication, speak to your doctor to verify eligibility. It is useful to note, Aspirin is also a blood thinner.

Aftercare recommendations for scalp micropigmentation treatments

  • Once your treatment is completed, your scalp should remain dry for three to five days. This is important as the pigments are only lightly implanted underneath the Epidermis and the pinprick from the needle is not fully healed. Showering or swimming can fade or remove the implanted pigments. 
  • Avoid all physical activities that will cause excessive sweating. This list includes sunbathing, saunas and gym workouts. The advised timescales, in an ideal world, are for a month after your first treatment is completed. Once this period of time is over, normal life can resume as it was before you received your scalp micropigmentation treatment. 
  • Post-treatment, after one whole week has passed by it is acceptable to shower and also use light yet unperfumed products such as moisturizers or soaps and shampoos. If you require further advice on brands or products, speak to your technician for advice.

Before and after scalp micropigmentation procedures are really not that negotiable from the point of view of a technician who administers your treatment. It is not only for SMP longevity but also for hygiene purposes and avoiding any risk of infection. If you have any additional questions concerning this article then reach out to us here at Scalp Micro as we are always on-hand and delighted to help. Alternatively, why not hop over to one of our social media pages and have a browse through our before and after gallery of successful scalp micropigmentation treatments.