Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

There are dozens of magical cures for hair loss on the market. There are lotions, potions, medical interventions, and supplements. However, if we get down to brass tacks, they are going to make a pretty hefty dent in the wallet and also, do they really work? Well, one does. And it’s not a cure for hair loss, more of a cover-up. SMP is the new rising star in hair restoration and is quickly becoming a household name. So, what are the benefits of scalp micropigmentation?. And how do they differ from their less reliable and close counterparts?

The first huge benefit of SMP is, as mentioned above, it is one that actually guarantees results. SMP functions as a semi-permanent aesthetics procedure camouflaging the signs of hair loss. It is administered by a professional technician who implants tiny dots of natural pigment underneath the outer, waterproof layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. These pigments are implanted using a fine, microneedle. The tiny pinpricks thereafter heal to enable the pigments to be trapped underneath the outer layer of skin resulting in a mark that resembles a series of imitation hair follicles. The result is either a look of a natural and freshly barbered buzz-cut or underlying shading for cases of diffuse thinning.

Of course, this is just a simple explanation of the procedure and only the tip of the iceberg concerning the endless SMP benefits. Additional positives in this holistic treatment run boundless. The fact that scalp micropigmentation is incredibly quick is also a huge bonus, alongside the obvious that it looks incredibly realistic once completed. A technician, trained in the procedure will work hand-in-hand with the physiology of your skin whilst taking into account hair thinning evolution and hair colors, both current and future. The results are a look that is indistinguishable to that of a naturally grown hairline. Once treatment and aftercare procedures are completed, your scalp micropigmentation will be maintenance-free. The longevity of SMP prior to fading is around three to five years and thereafter, simple top-ups may be required. Should, at any given time you wish to modify your newly administered hairline this is also a possibility after a certain period of time.

This covers the main benefits of scalp micropigmentation for hair loss. However, there is another huge perk this innovative and cutting-edge treatment can offer which is as a concealment procedure for scalp scarring. Working to even out the linear aspect that scars can bring, SMP can be used to blend the affected areas resulting in invisibility to the scar a technician will be working on. If you’re suffering from scalp scarring from a previous hair transplant or for any other reason, contact our clinic to discuss how we can provide you with treatment.

There is a myriad of different benefits of scalp micropigmentation treatments. All positive, rarely negative. And to leave the very best until last… the ultimate bonus is the rebuilding of your lost confidence levels your hair loss or scalp scarring has induced. How’s that for a fabulous and positive ending?