Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia

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Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia

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Beating Alopecia

When alopecia hits, it can be extremely damaging to a persons confidence. The condition is especially challenging to deal with as it is frequently recurrent, and often highly aggressive and unpredictable.

At Scalp Micro Portugal, we are sensitive to the needs of those who are experiencing alopecia. We understand the mechanics of all alopecia types, hence why we have a full comprehension of how it needs to be treated to ensure the best results.

Depending on the type of alopecia and the nature of your specific symptoms, we conceal alopecia by either administering pigments to the problem zones or in some circumstances, across the entire scalp. Scalp micropigmentation is the creation of thousands of tiny dots of natural pigments representing real hair follicles, implanted in the upper dermis of your skin by microneedle. These pigments provide underlying shading which results in the appearance of density.

Understanding Alopecia

Alopecia takes many forms. The most common type, alopecia areata, is where patches of baldness appear on the scalp. This distressing condition can affect both men and women alike and can, over time, disappear and reappear without warning. There is little known about this condition and there are very few effective remedies.

Alopecia areata sometimes progresses into alopecia totalis, the total loss of all head hair. Other forms are often experienced like traction alopecia, telogen effluvium and scarring alopecia.

Although research is traditionally light on alopecia, it’s believed that the disorder stems from genetics. Where one or more members of a family has experienced this condition, it’s likely that another family member will also follow suit. It’s also understood that the condition is a result of a discrepancy within the immune system, causing the body to attack healthy hair follicles.

Whatever form of alopecia you have, scalp micropigmentation is an effective cover-up that permanently hides its effects.

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